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FOX Business
Mar 4, 2014 5:00pm EST
't give it enough emphasis. but it creates an environment where there is too much of it. i think fraud problem can be fixed. it is fairly simple. gerri: another 30billion for highways just as we have potholes all over new york city you could lose your car in. net-net when, you look at this budget, what will it mean for the economy? is it thumbs up or thumbs down? >> it is thumbs down because it just continues on kinds of policies we've had. i would like to spend more on road but i give it at office. carve it out of the department of education and money you're sending my university and others we would be better off with less cash learning to be more frugal. >> peter, thanks for coming on. great to see you again. >> take care. >> thank you. now the latest developments on the recall scandal, rocking general motors. ceo mary barra finally coming out on the issue, finally talking, posting a letter to employees online. the company launched an internal investigation and acted without hesitation when the issue was brought to her team. but the company waited years, years before issuing its 1.4
FOX Business
Mar 5, 2014 5:00pm EST
that to have the pearl market -- pro market business environment. we can always do better. you always compete to make sure capital come to you, an entrepreneur and innovation comes to you. israel is the innovation nation end up powerful producer on the planet that gives us a great future. we would like to share it with our neighbors and with california. liz: prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu. with setting up shop in israel? >> you have to constantly of great products and services in shorter and shorter time. the way to get advantage is to buy into the smartest mines that are on earth in we have some of them. liz: 84 joining us on fox business. some headlines out of this with concern what is going on in the red sea but also hoping to see a resolution now of the ukraine he is the free marketeer. >> in the middle of this international crisis we hope is called the down i think it is slowing down. first of all, the housing bill down this is not that there rip roaring comeback? i have been following these housing numbers and i don't like what i see. not awful but not great. home prices ar
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2